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Today's children and young adults are living in the digital age. Their books, their hobbies, their entertainment and their communication are more and more linked to screens. When it comes to the children, they need a child-friendly, safe, protected environment to learn, play and grow.

What is more, the pandemic has also shown us the importance of distance learning, which will continue to increase in the coming years.

As one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics brands and a leading technology company, TCL continues to innovate by developing tablets that focus on education, distance learning and productivity to meet the needs of today's students and professionals.

Innovative products for education and knowledge presented at CES

At CES 2022, TCL Communication demonstrates its commitment to providing enriched learning solutions for all with a range of new products. This product portfolio includes the company’s first laptop, its new NXTPAPER series tablet, and several more tablets designed to provide educational experiences for learners of all ages.

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TCL Kids, a library of educational entertainment for children

TCL goes one step further by offering a library of educational entertainment for the new TKEE series, including more than 20,000 videos, 400 storybooks and 50 kid-friendly apps, as well as multilingual support (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French).

TCL Kids also offers a range of parental control tools to monitor screen time, manage apps and websites, and set posture reminders. Moreover, TCL spent years creating and investing in innovative new displays, one crafted with eye health in mind. TCL’s TUV certified eye-care technology is a unique, one-of-a-kind way of putting eye care first, without compromising on the child’s education. So, when they entertain and educate their child, parents can trust TCL’s child-safe displays and designs, engineered to protect young eyes from screen fatigue.

Being more innovative than ever in the education space, TCL is investing in this area through partnerships including one with Squirrel AI Learning, a Chinese online education company, which is the first large-scale adaptive education provider powered by Artificial Intelligence in China. Through this collaboration, TCL provides adaptive and intelligent education solutions for children.

The service will be available to customers globally in various languages, in Q2 2022 for $3.99 a month. A 2-month free subscription will be available in select regions.


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