5G For Everyone
Pioneering Collaborative Advancement in 5G Innovation
New world of experiences
Making 5G technology accessible to more audiences than ever is a driving force with TCL. Through the democratization of innovation, TCL opens doors to a new world of experiences, making it available to all.

TCL’s vision of 5G for all extends beyond smartphones, with a commitment to improve 5G infrastructure. TCL has invested $1 billion USD in R&D and established 5G labs. These solutions are created to liberate offices, institutions, homes, work, and entertainment venues, delivering reliable, fast cellular-powered broadband-speed internet connectivity, supporting customers and carriers.

Since the launch of TCL 10 5G in June 2020, and the subsequent launch of the TCL 20 5G Pro, TCL 20 5G, and TCL 20R 5G in 2021, TCL has made 5G technology increasingly more accessible to end-users. Now, in 2022 TCL plans to go even further in bringing great technology to the market, at a great price for all budgets, with the devices in the smartphone, tablets, and portable router categories.
We’ve been working on technologies that address every link in the 5G chain since 2015 when we first demonstrated a 5G end-to-end solution. Our goal is to deliver 5G for Everyone so that each of us can enjoy the fastest connectivity.
Stefan Streit
CMO of TCL Communication
Partnerships with more than 80 carriers in 160 countries
“Through partnerships with more than 80 carriers in 160 countries, TCL is delivering on its mission to provide lightning fast, reliable and affordable yet powerful 5G for everyone to enjoy a smarter home and life,” said Aaron Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at TCL Communication. “As our 5G portfolio grows with the TCL 30 series and the LINKHUB 5G, your favorite experience will be matched with top-notch connectivity, rich design, and competitive pricing to improve the connected experience for users around the world.”

Innovation Awards

TCL Communication has been recognized for its technological innovation with the TCL20 Pro 5G in the annual CES Innovation Awards, bringing one final highlight to what has been a successful year for the TCL 20 Series.
TCL 20 Series