Incredible AR smart glasses
The freedom to leave your smartphone in your bag
The smart lives of today and tomorrow will be easier to access and enjoy if our hardware and software can work together in innovative new ways – and that’s exactly what we are working towards at TCL.

TCL Communication has spent years researching how VR, AR, and mixed reality technologies can enhance daily life, and we are now ready to showcase this vision through TCL LEINIAO AR: our first AR smart glasses that come with the latest holographic optical waveguide technology and two full-color microLED displays built-in.

This incredible wearable illustrates the ways how we will interact with each other in the future.

Imagine you’re walking around the city, your office, or your home. Notifications appear in your field of view. Select one of them and a video message from your friend plays. The glasses can manage your travel schedule, and remind you to be on-time for your meetings. These glasses keep you organized for work and family. Also, you can have quick access to home security systems, and so much more.

In short, these glasses will provide you the freedom to leave your smartphone in your bag, pocket, or even drawer, keeping you on top of your digital life in a rich, seamless way.