TCL Gaming
Quality services and high-performance TVs
TCL Electronics is a very active player in the gaming sector. TCL has always been a huge fan of video games and is proud to play a role in the industry, providing gamers with high-quality screens and endless playing options to enhance their gaming experience.

Increasingly popular among serious console gamers

144Hz refresh rate to 2022 premium Mini LED TV models

Whether for competitive or casual players, TCL continues to offer gamers high-quality screens and endless playing options to enhance their gaming experience.

TCL’s TVs have become increasingly popular among serious console gamers and many of its TV’s guarantee high performance, thanks to their AMD FreeSync certification, which provides smooth and stutter free gameplay.

In 2022, TCL is taking a step further by applying 144Hz refresh rate to its 2022 premium Mini LED TV models, providing faster reaction times, sharper imagery, and smoother gameplay: a huge benefit for users, especially in multiplayer games.

TCL X series
Big screens for big games

The TCL X series, a must have for gamers

TCL has supported the gaming community for many years with its display technology and award-winning TVs which can make the game more immersive and offer an unrivalled gaming experience. By combining Mini LED, QLED and up to 8K resolution with HDMI 2.1, the TCL X series provide powerful and smooth imagery performance with a powerful audio quality to satisfy the most demanding players. TCL X series offers big screens for big games and for full gaming immersion.

The 2021 X Series Mini LED technology provides viewers with an unrivalled viewing experience with smaller and more LEDs that produce more contrast control zones. It then reveals more details, brilliant luminance and a wider High Dynamic Range. Certified by the 8K association to ensure a true 8K experience, the X Series also offer 8K resolution and 8K upscaling for access to more content with the best motion picture clarity thanks to 8k 120Hz panel. With TCL QLED, the X Series enhance colour volume to more than 100%, with over one billion colours.

For top notch immersive audio experience, X92 Pro Series is equipped with awesome 5.1.2 channel audio with 25 speakers and 160 watts audio output creating true sound dome, while X92 Series has 2.1 channel and 60 watts output, together offering stunning and powerful sound delivery.

Both X92 Pro and X92 Series come equipped with an industry-leading sound system, featuring hardware from Onkyo and sound technology including Dolby Atmos®. They put users inside the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that fills and flows around the room.

TCL Game Center
Easy access

TCL offers quick and easy access to a wide selection of games

TCL Game Center provides a various selection of TV games: it is a playground where games of every kind are aggregated for easy selection. Most games on the Game Center are download-free. All the consumers need to do, is to hit the remote control and play! What's more exciting than being able to play games with friends anytime at the push of a button?

Moreover, with TCL, the mobile phone can also be the controller of the TV. Having fun across screens has never been easier.

Google Stadia is available on TCL TVs in many countries. This means that it's possible to play a growing selection of video games whenever Internet and a Stadia controller are available, without waiting for installs, downloads or updates.

Game Master
All-in-one optimization

With Game Master, TCL optimizes the display in video game use

Game Master refers to features built into some TCL TVs to optimize the display in video game use. It allows all-in-one optimization, including VRR and ALLM. With VRR and ALLM, the TCL TV adjusts its refresh rate in real-time to the frame rate from the game console, while automatically switching to low-lag presets.

What’s more, by pressing-and-holding the quick panel button, the consumer can configure the display on the TCL Game Bar without having to pause or even exit the game he is playing.

Game Bar
Game Bar: to take advantage of the large TV display and extend the consumer’s vision

Through the TCL Game Bar, it’s possible to take advantage of the large TV display and extend the consumer’s vision to as wide as 32:9. And it’ll be possible to easily activate real-time display statistics, toolbox functions, as well as the quick setting dashboard that helps the consumer to achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

The TCL TVs satisfy all entertainment needs. Consumers can even play their favourite game while their friends watch their favourite sports or movies. Up to 4 screens at the same time, on the same TV.

Call of Duty
Released on November 5
TCL extends its partnership with Activision (Call of Duty)

Fully invested in the gaming sector, TCL has extended in September 2021 its partnership with video game publisher Activision by partnering with his new hit Call of Duty: Vanguard, a game released on November 5.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Activision,” said Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics.
We are passionate about providing fans with the very best gaming experience and with our TCL Mini LED and QLED TVs, we are doing just that.
Shaoyong Zhang
CEO of TCL Electronics
TCL has supported the gaming community for many years and has been a partner of Call of Duty® in North America since 2018. As the Official TV Partner of Call of Duty: Vanguard, TCL wants to bring Next-Gen gaming to more Gamers around the world.