Mini LED
A true pioneer and a leader in the Mini LED TV industry

Since 2018, thanks to continuous investments in R&D, TCL has focused on developing Mini LED technology and has become a true pioneer and a leader in the Mini LED TV industry.

That same year, at CES, TCL unveiled the world’s first Mini LED Backlight TV prototype. One year later, the world’s first Mini LED TV as manufactured and sold by TCL.

Then, in 2021, the brand introduced its revolutionary OD Zero technology and the world’s first OD Zero Mini LED 8K TV– an extremely thin profile TV with stunning audio-visual performance. Mini LED is the future of LCD display technology, with high contrast, high brightness, ultra-thin profile and many more local dimming zones.

Consequently, TCL will continue to develop new TV line-ups powered by pioneering Mini LED technology for the best display quality and viewing experience.

This year again, at CES, TCL introduces its thinnest 85-inch 8K Mini LED TV prototype and later on this year, TCL will be releasing a certain number of new Mini LED TVs. The first of this new generation of TV displays will raise the bar for responsive video gaming on large screen TVs.