Wearable Display Glasses that are Portable, Lightweight and Personal
Portability and comfort
“In developing the NXTWEAR AIR, we primarily focused on two areas of importance to consumers: portability and comfort,” said Stefan Streit, CMO for TCL Communication.

With this new generation of NXTWEAR glasses, users can enjoy the same exceptional viewing experience as before, but with even more portability, a comfortable fit and an individual style design.
Stefan Streit
CMO of TCL Communication
For professionals and students
Immersive Experience
140 inch big screen with immersive viewing

Light and Portable
Easy to carry in just 75g
Exchangeable lens design

UHD Display
Dual 1080P Micro LED screen

Compatible with iPhone
Compatible with 100+ devices

Given a heightened need for remote working, NXTWEAR AIR acts as a handy second screen for professionals and students when matched with a laptop, even if there’s no space for a monitor at home. It’s also a private way to work when managing sensitive projects in public or on a commute.