Continuing TCL's Commitment to Providing 5G For Everyone
Providing lightning fast, reliable and affordable 5G devices
Las Vegas, January 4, 2022 – TCL Communication, a pioneer in display technology and affordable, rich connected experiences, is announcing multiple 5G products at CES 2022 and beyond. These announcements enhance its vision of bringing 5G to everyone, with the future arrival of TCL 30 5G in Europe and two 5G handsets to launch exclusively to the US. Alongside its new premium smartphone line, TCL will also deliver a new LINKHUB 5G router capable of providing consumers with next-generation connectivity and a new 5G tablet, TCL TAB10s, that will arrive later this year in Europe

“Through partnerships with more than 80 carriers in 160 countries, TCL is delivering on its mission to provide lightning fast, reliable and affordable yet powerful 5G for everyone to enjoy a smarter home and life,” said Aaron Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at TCL Communication.
As our 5G portfolio grows with the TCL 30 series and the LINKHUB 5G, your favourite experience will be matched with top-notch connectivity, rich design, and competitive pricing to improve the connected experience for users around the world.
Aaron Zhang
Chief Executive Officer at TCL Communication
Access to technology for everyone
This year, TCL’s 30 Series smartphone lineup is spearheaded by a trio of 5G smartphones. The TCL 30XE 5G and 30 V 5G are exclusive to the US market and will be officially available in the coming weeks, whereas the TCL 30 5G will be coming to Europe soon.

With the TCL 30 series, customer-favourite technologies such as AMOLED displays and stereo speakers will be matched with impressive connectivity, rich design, and competitive pricing. We look forward to sharing details on additional TCL 30 series smartphones, including the TCL 30 5G, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

TCL’s vision of 5G for all extends beyond smartphones, with a commitment to improve 5G infrastructure. TCL has invested $1 billion USD in R&D and established 5G labs. These solutions are created to liberate offices, institutions, homes, work, and entertainment venues, delivering reliable, fast cellular-powered broadband-speed internet connectivity, supporting customers and carriers.

5G opens a new world of experiences for more people through faster streaming, richer in and out-of-home experiences while browsing, gaming, streaming video or music, and immersing in augmented or virtual reality.

TCL remains intent that our core mission is to democratize technology. To produce innovative devices thanks to our integrated TCL synergies and continue our momentum to develop connected experiences across all our TCL products and ecosystem.

To bring about this connected vision, TCL will launch later this year throughout Europe the TCL TAB 10s 5G. Accompanying this tablet release is also the LINKHUB 5G, a powerful 5G router that delivers advanced Wi-Fi 6 and support for up to 256 users, making it fully smart home and smart office-ready.

To learn more about TCL’s 5G capabilities, existing 5G portfolio, and details on other products announced at CES, please visit: http://www.tcl.com/global/en.html


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