Mini LED 2022 Series
TCL to release its first 144Hz Mini LED TV series in 2022

“Best of Innovation” award

Since 2018, TCL has become a true leader in the Mini LED TV industry, bringing a better viewing experience to people around the world. TCL is proud of the achievements they have made over the years in Mini LED technology and the company has received many endorsements from media and professional associations. This year notably, TCL’s 8K OD Zero Mini LED TV – the X9 (X925 PRO) - has been named as CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honorees, winning the prestigious “Best of Innovation” award.

Mini LED

If TCL keeps on fiercely investing in display technology this is because the company believes that Mini LED is the essential display technology behind the best home theater experience. TCL is aiming to become the top player in the Mini LED TV sector in five years: it is confident that by 2026, forty percent (40%) of the global Mini LED TV market will be dominated by TCL Mini LED TVs – with higher production standards, higher energy efficiency and premium image performance.

This year again, TCL will be releasing a certain number of new Mini LED TVs. The first of this new generation of TV displays will raise the bar for responsive video gaming on large screen TVs.

144 Hz Refresh Rate

A Mini LED expertise at gamers’ service

In addition to being powered by TCL’s Mini LED technology, this new generation of incredible TVs will elevate the enjoyment of the visuals in games and other action-packed content. With over 1,000 local dimming zones, 2022 TCL Mini LED TVs offer stunning brightness performance, achieving striking contrast and revealing even more details for a truly immersive viewing experience.

For console gaming fans, TCL has good news too. In 2022, they’re taking another step forward by applying 144Hz refresh rate to its 2022 premium Mini LED TV models, providing faster responsiveness, sharper imagery, and smoother gameplay.

Both competitive gamers (who want to experience demanding high FPS games) and casual gamers (who want to enjoy extra responsiveness in gameplay) will appreciate this upgrade giving them an important edge, especially in multiplayer games.

What’s more? There will be more TCL smart TVs featuring Google TV in 2022

By taking a bold step on its 2022 premium Mini LED TV models, TCL reinforces its commitment in Mini LED technology and will continue to invest in it and offer TVs that excite and stimulate.

More details of 2022 TCL Mini LED TVs will be disclosed later in this quarter. Let’s stay-tuned.

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